The 2012 New York City Motorcycle Show

The New York International Motorcycle Show is one of the most anticipated events of motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. The show is attended by thousands of people every year. Motorcycle manufacturers are also looking forward to the said event, since this is a perfect venue for them to showcase all their new models and show the consumers the innovations that they have developed for the riders.  In Australia, retailers such as S3 performance have started to provide several motorcycle accessories from the event.

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This year, the Progressive Motorcycle Show was held at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Various motorbike brands as well as motorcycle enthusiasts participated during the event. Here  are five models that have stood out among the hundreds of motorcycle models that were exhibited at the event:

Harley Davidson 8-Valve Board Track Racer (1928 model)

This vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle has caught a lot of attendees’ attention. This racing bike has no exhaust system, has a 1000cc four-stroke and has four valves per cylinder. This model is also very rare—there were less than 50 units that were produced in 1928 and costed $1500 back then.

Ducati Diavel Cromo (2012 model)

This new Ducati model looks stunning. The color combination of black and gold on its body makes it look very stylish and modern. Aside from its magnificent exterior, it also boasts its 162-HP Desmoquattro engine. This model was popular to those riders who are seeking for thrill and excitement on the road.

Touratech F800GS model

This motorcycle model by Touratech definitely made a buzz because of its unique features. It has foglight kit, iPhone bracket, crash bars and sidecases. Riders that are on the go will definitely appreciate the said features.

Erik Buell’s EBR 1190RS model

Erik Buell used to be part of Harley Davidson, and this motorcycle model is his first bike since he left the said company. The color scheme is simple—all black with a little touch of gold as accent. The model has inside-out front brake and two-stroke style exhaust canister. Its detailing is also beautiful and caught a lot of attention of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Hyosung GT520 (2012 model)

Hyosung is a Korean motorcycle brand that is known for their stylish detailing and powerful engines. This model has a Suzuki-designed 250cc V-Twin fuel injection, sturdy and modernized plastics as well as triple-disc brakes.

It is also fascinating to take note that few people talked about how gorgeous the EBR 1190RS’ and Hyosung GT250’s brake discs are. There have been a lot of inquiries too if there are cheaper alternatives in the market without compromising the quality.

In sum, this year’s motorcycle show has showcased a lot of interesting models. It is good to know that designers and enthusiasts always aim to innovate for better. Next year’s show is definitely going to be exciting.

Canon Ixus 230 HS Reviewed

Canon has always been commended for coming up with gadgets that are of high quality and usability. Their cameras, lenses and even printers have been one of the more popular choices in the market up to this day. But, what probably put Canon ahead of the pack are the cameras that they develop.

Canon cameras have been known for they high tech and clean features. From Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras down to their quick snap and shoot cameras. The brand offers a wide array of cameras for everyone’s media needs. Focusing more on the snap and shoots, the brand released the IXUS 230 HS. The little digital camera is the descendant of the earlier 220 HS model.

Canon Ixus 230 HS

The 230 HS continues the heritage of a long line of Canon camera models. Ranging from the IXUS 115 HS, the earlier mentioned IXUS 220 HS and the IXUS 315, what these cameras have in distinct resemblance is the shiny metal cast exterior. Definitely a brand trademark, it is what makes the IXUS line an easy favourite for quirky but well thought of and appealing designs in the camera market. It’s like having a neat gift wrapped in a nice cover that you’d want to keep it that way.

But the 230 HS will probably want you to use the hell out of it anyway. So far, other reviews have rated it 3 being the lowest to being at the top spot in a scale of 5. Features that come with a well designed camera is expected given the craftsmanship that Canon usually puts into its products. A notable feature in the 230 HS is the 8x optical zoom which yields good to great zoom pictures that don’t look too far off or just plain awkward. Its pretty good for a camera in its size, not to mention that the brand chose to stick to optical zoom rather than the much dreaded digital zoom.  This is not a super zoom compact camera so 8x suits it just fine.

Aside from the zoom quality, noise cancellation in pictures is also a strong suit for the 230 HS. The better scanner of the 230 HS makes sure that noise is lowered to a minimum when taking photos and the DIGIC IV of the brand ensures a pretty good job for assuring good quality shots. Canon is proud for its feature since it is a ‘smart’ object scanner that adjusts to lower light conditions and also scans picture surfaces. Oh, and that also means subjects are easier to be recognized with little help from the photographer. A little side dish, video recording is not bad but the audio may need a bit more tweaking.

Though the 230 HS may look like a pretty perfect camera, the color adjustment may prove to be a caveat. Sometimes, contrasting colors confuse the lens and produce not so good color shots especially when light objects are placed near dark objects. The lens seem to have difficulty in sorting out the colors to get a higher quality colored shot.

But, there’s no need to sour grape. The IXUS 230 HS still packs a pretty solid performance, plus it comes with eye candy hardware. Although the 230 HS does not support a touch screen for the controls. It relies on a traditional rotating bezel for the menu and a few buttons. The touch screen could have nailed it, especially with that 3 inch screen. Oh well, there’s still the price (ranging from $220 up to $255+ depending on the store) and the brushed metal tripod. All in all, its a good buy for those who like a few extras here and there and don’t mind spending a few bucks more. Voila, it’s wrapped and ready to ship for self-gifting purposes.

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Tips for the First Time Wedding Photographer

The most important thing for a first time wedding photographer to focus on is the details. After all, the photos you’re going to take will remind the couple and anyone who sees them about that special day. Other than that, they could also recommend your services to their friends who might need a wedding photographer.

Now, the question is: What should you do to make sure that you take excellent wedding photos?

  1. Research – Look through several wedding photography sources. Find inspiration. However, that goes without saying that you also need to know what your clients are like.
  1. Connect with your clients – Do your clients have pegs for their wedding photos? Do they want coloured or black & white prints? Consider what they have to say and work around their ideas. Just make sure that you include your personal touch in the final outcome.
  1. Make a list – From your talks with the couple, you now have an idea of what their wedding photos will be like. However, it also helps to have a list of shots you want for the wedding album. This way, you won’t forget to have a photo of the couple playing by the swings.
  1. Do an ocular visit – It always pays to check out the venue before your scheduled shoot with the couple. You can scout for great locations where the couple can take their poses. Also, make sure that you do your ocular around the time of the scheduled shoot. This way, you can have an idea what and how much lighting you’ll need for the wedding photos.
  1. Work with another photographer – The wedding’s a big day. You would do well working with another photographer. With an extra pair of hands (and lens), you won’t be pressured to get all the must-have shots. With two photographers working together, you can be assured that you can have all sides of the wedding covered.
  1. Use RAW images – It takes a bit longer to process RAW shots, but it’s going to be worth it in the end. With RAW files, you can have an easier time manipulating the white balance and exposure on the shots you have taken from the big day.
  1. Have fun – A wedding is a day filled with love and happiness. Make sure that your wedding photos show these qualities. Capture those moments when the subject of your photos are blissfully unaware that they are being shot at—caught in the moment of the couple giving their vows to each other. Not only that, make sure that you, yourself, are enjoying your time at the wedding. You can expect that the wedding photos will be as lovely as the wedding day itself.

Wedding photos are priceless treasures. Take your time studying about wedding photography. Soon enough, your first client will be knocking on your door.


The Lumix DMC-GH2 Reviewed

Lumix DMC-GH2 digital SLR cameraPanasonic’s Lumix DMC-GH2 is a compact digital camera with a 3-inch, intuitive, free-angle touch screen and double live view, an upgrade of the previously released GH1. Approximately weighing 392g (13.82 oz), it is perfect for those who want to have that feel of having a DSLR without the bulk.

The Lumix GH2 is almost similar with its predecessor, Lumix DMC-GH1, in terms of the looks of their bodies. The only difference is that the adjustment dial and the quick menu button of GH2 are moved to the back of the camera. The video record button is placed next to the shutter release, which makes it more convenient for the user. In sum, the new placement of the buttons and dials makes the use of the camera easier compared to the previous release; however, some say that this can be quite overwhelming especially when you are not used to seeing a clutter of buttons and dials altogether.

Aside from the double live view and more improved touch screen, this Lumix DMC GH2 also has a full high definition capability for high quality video and stills with high image quality with 5 fps in 16.05 megapixel in full resolution. It also has Venus Engine FHD and is compatible for 3D shooting. The noise reduction processing was improved and it is also suitable for high ISO sensitivity shooting.

Lumix DSLR camera - topThe high speed and high performance feature of this camera are very impressive. The features of the previous release (DMC-G2) were all honed and improved and they also added more developments and features to make it one of the best micro system compact digital cameras in the market. Its sensor and image-processing engine are perfectly honed to fulfill images with sensitivity, high resolution and impressive gradation. This Lumix model is also hailed as the digital camera that has the world’s fastest level light speed AF with approximately 0.1 second. This is perfect for capturing candid moments in ultra-sharp focus.

The GH2 is very impressive when it comes to the images it generates. They are stunningly sharp, whether they are in RAW or JPEG format. RAW images are impressively detailed while the JPEG images looks excellent and are a bit warmer in color compared to the former, even if they are compressed to a smaller file size. It does not ruin the shadows or blowing out the highlights of the images.

The video quality of GH2 is as impressive as its image quality. The continuous auto-focus system and the seamless shift focus mid-video of this camera will fill the so-called void that most filmmakers experience between camcorders and SLRs. This is brought upon by the new Cinema Mode option that delivers “characteristic superior gradation” and the new Variable Movie Mode that delivers smooth variable frame rates of moving subjects for a fast or slow feed movie. It also has an inbuilt stereo microphone and two channels that cover a huge and wider range of bass frequencies.

Panasonic Lumix DMC GH2 was able to nail both of its image and video capturing capability. According to photography experts, this camera is by far the “best continuous auto-focus system that exists in a hybrid camera to date”. It is considered as the jack-of-all-trades amongst all the hybrid cameras in the market and is definitely worth the buy if you are planning to meet your still and video camera needs.

Print beautiful photos with the Lexmark c540n Laser Printer

lexmark c540n laser printerThe Lexmark c540n colour laser printer is compact and does its printing jobs quietly. It is perfect for home and small office use. Its 1200 x 1200 dpi feature brings crisp images and it does so on a printing speed of 20ppm.

The Lexmark c540n colour laser printer comes with 1,000 page colour and 1,000 page black toner cartridges. All you need to do is set up the laser printer and you’re ready to print documents. Another great thing about this printer is that users can save when they choose to use the Lexmark C540n as this printer’s photoconductor and toner units only need to be replaced when needed. Hence, you get your money’s worth with this printer. You also have the option of getting the 2,500 page black and 2,000 page colour toners when you run out of the original toners that come with the package.

Environmentalists will also enjoy using this Lexmark printer as the manufacturer offers the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program. This is a program where users can return their used toner cartridges to Lexmark free of charge. The manufacturer will then re-fill the used cartridges. Hence, carbon footprint of the printer is lessened.

On another note, the c540n comes with a Lexmark guarantee that is good for a year. This also goes without saying that Lexmark engineers will be sent to check and repair your Lexmark c540n colour laser printer on the off chance that it needs repairing.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t need an engineer to set up the network connections of the Lexmark c540n colour laser printer. This comes with an Ethernet port and easy to use installation software. Once installed, everyone in the work area can easily connect to the c540n laser printer and get copies of their printed documents.

Lastly, the Lexmark c540n colour laser printer is awarded the Energy Star. This means that it is a product that it is possible for the users to save some energy while using the products with the Energy Star award.

In conclusion, the Lexmark c540n colour laser printer is a compact, easy to use b/w and colour laser printer that does its printing jobs quietly and efficiently. Small business owners will best benefit from using this energy-saving printer.

Reviewed, the Canon EOS 1DX Digital SLR Camera

It is not very exciting to hear that your beloved piece of photography equipment is being replaced with a new and improved model – as was the case for me with the announcement of the Canon EOS 1DX.  Although I have been using my 1DS MKiii for a good two years now, Canon will still need a lot of persuading power to get me to buy a new camera from them that costs about as much as a new Toyota.  There is not much that I can do about Canon releasing a new model, so I decided to try out the new EOS 1DX and see if an upgrade is justifiable for me.

Design & Appearance

The Canon 1DX appears quite identical to the 1D and 1DS models with just a few differences.  It seems that Canon has again listened to feedback from its users when they were designing their latest 18 megapixel beauty.  The major obvious change would be the new “X” badge on the front side of the, there are also four well placed custom buttons for use when shooting vertically or horizontally.  The back of the camera looks a bit like a 60D, but my favourite addition would be the “control stick” which is designed for quickly navigating the menu even while shooting vertically.  And on the sidescamera are the various input/output ports on offer: HDMI, AV/USB, LAN outputs, as well as mic, DC power, and remote inputs. There’s also a small pop-out tab for unlocking and removing the battery, which slides out of the bottom of the camera.   It’s a professional looking camera and I love all the placements of the buttons and controls.

LCD Screen

The Canon 1Dx offers a beautiful 3.2 inch rear LCD with 1020k dot resolution which is a huge jump from the 230k dot resolution of my 1DS Mark iii.  It is just a slight upgrade compared to the 5D Mark II and the 1D Mark IV, which uses 920k dot resolution LCD monitors, but is still noticeable.

Ethernet LAN Port

The Canon 1Dx offers the standard collection of ports for a professional DSLR: HDMI, AV/USB output, 3.5mm microphone input, DC power input, and remote input.From a professional perspective I enjoyed using the added Ethernet LAN Port cause it allows me the transfer my images and video at a much faster speed when it matters.  It’s not even difficult to imagine setting up 50-100 feet of wire cause the cost is not gonna be much.

Dual Digic 5+ Processors

I would not mind at all utilizing Dual Digic 5+ Processors which Canon engineers claim to be 17x more powerful than the Digic IV processors.  So you can just about see me now in tears causemy 1DS MKiii uses dual DIGICIII processors only.  Also I would like to add that the 1DX uses a dedicated DIGIC IV processor for autofocus and auto exposure processing.  Imagine that ability, combined with the faster readout off the chip, 12fps, RAW, sports shooting as the most blissful thing on earth.


The Canon EOS 1DX is a giant leap forward and it looks to set the standard for professional Digital SLR cameras for the upcoming years.  It is a camera that is both speed-oriented and quality-oriented and has shown to be a bold camera on paper and during testing.  It also offers a host of exciting new technology that can satisfy both professional photographers and videographers.  At an estimated release price of $6,800 the Canon 1DX is an expensive durable workhorse that should serve you for many years.  I think it is worth the upgrade from my Canon 1DS mark iii with just some of the features that I liked being reviewed here.  If you wish to have other features reviewed or add any details that I missed please feel free to comment.